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Yem Bee Yae and Eye Tea

I work in Information Technology. Yes I’m a software engineer. And yes, I’m proud to say it. I’m proud to say that I got into IT ¬†straight out of college and I like being here. I don’t find that is is uncool.
Lets take a reality check… lets compare IT with a the famed MBAs

Crowd – [...]

How much shopping can someone actually do??

Shopping is something that I’ve always found to be a necessity more than an activity. Whenever I go shopping, is with a purpose… walk up to the shelf with half sleeved formal shirts-find a checked/plain/vertical striped shirt which doesn’t have bright colours-check if the price is in budget-pay for it and get out! Like Walter [...]

Book Review: If God was a banker

This was a book that was at home because my brother was reading it… Is by an Indian author, so I didn’t know what to expect.
The book is about two friends, Sundeep and Swami, who are top IIM grads, one from IIM-B and another from IIM-A. Not surprisingly, one is a flamboyant, flirtatious extrovert with [...]

Namma kaaladalli…

Namma Kaaladalli, a Kannada phrase, literally translated to ‘during our times’ is a phrase that we use to talk about the good old days, especially in Bangalore where most of us have grown up…
When I was thinking about my childhood days in Basavanagudi, a fairly conservative area in South Bangalore, I can’t help but marvel [...]

The weird things we did during gully cricket…

When watching the cricket match last night, after hearing some of the new terms in T20 like free hit, I was just thinking of days in my childhood when we used to play gully cricket and the various terms that kids had coined and used while playing. Although some of them might have been in [...]

Are we ready for big sporting events?

New Delhi to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games
New Delhi pulled out of the 2016 Olympics bid, plan to bid for the 2020 Olympics
New Delhi wants to host a Formula 1 race from 2010
This is brilliant news. It increases tourism, increases the image of the country to the outer world, etc
But, there are a lot of [...]

An irony that is a nation called India

On the same day, you have headlines in newspaper saying that there is floods in one part of the state and water shortage in another part
We have some of the best defense facilities but the areas around the same defense facilities do not have proper facilities for basic education
A state with 40 deaths due to [...]

Development vs Environment

There’s always been a debate on how much of environment can and should be sacrificed for the sake of development. In a way, its a question without an answer and if there’s an answer, its a never ending loop of arguments and counter arguments.
Coming from Bangalore, where I’ve lived all my life, I’ve seen it [...]

Austerity?!? Really?

Scene at a Delhi Airport
The flight to Mumbai is late by a couple of hours. Passengers waiting in the hall when suddenly, there’s a huge crowd of people chanting someone’s name and the passengers are made to give up their seats…Uhh.. why’s this? Oh right… it is because our beloved netas now want to travel [...]

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